For commercial properties in Florida, the fall and winter months present the ideal opportunity to get ahead of roof problems through preventative maintenance.

Why the Fall/Winter Advantage?

Tackling roof maintenance when conditions are favorable will pay dividends for years to come:

  • Avoid peak heat and humidity – Makes for safer and more efficient work environment on the roof. Reduces risk of degradation issues.
  • Dry weather – Comprehensive inspections are only possible when the roof is free of precipitation or moisture. Identify concerns early.
  • Prep for wet season – Address maintenance needs before major storms can cause leaks or damage.
  • Get ahead of small issues – Detect minor problems through inspection and make repairs before they escalate into major headaches.
  • Extend roof lifespan – Like any investment, proper maintenance leads to better performance and longevity.

Our Commercial Roof Maintenance Checklist

During maintenance visits from our qualified technicians, we will thoroughly inspect, evaluate, and address:

  • All commercial roofing materials and critical flashing/seam areas
  • Roof-mounted HVAC systems and other mechanical equipment
  • Water management elements such as roof drains and scuppers
  • Membrane and coating surfaces for defects or damage
  • Signs of water intrusion, leaks, moisture saturation
  • Compromised or loose areas of roof decking
  • Debris accumulation and anything that needs to be cleared
  • Make any minor repairs necessary to prevent bigger problems

Don’t Leave Your Roof’s Health to Chance

With comprehensive maintenance from experts you trust, you can feel confident your commercial roof will hold up through whatever Florida’s weather brings its way in the coming year.

Schedule maintenance this fall or winter and maximize roof uptime. Let MGC Roofing & Construction keep your Florida commercial roof in peak condition year-round with proactive care. Contact us today!